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Predictive Healthcare is a Boston, Massachusetts-based company founded in 2021 to develop postoperative predictive health outcomes for patient recovery. We build strong and direct connections between patients and clinicians and believe that predictive health outcomes can transform healthcare.

Our founder was inspired to develop the technology during one of his mission trips to Ecuador in 2020 with the Global Smile Foundation when he noticed that patients were missing follow up appointments after their surgeries resulting in wound infections and ER visits. After talking with several surgeons about this problem, he discovered that surgical site infections after surgery and insufficient access to care are just as prevalent in developed countries. So he put this engineering skills to use to develop a novel medical technology platform that connects patients and clinicians anytime, anywhere.

Team Leadership

Talal Ali Ahmad

Talal Ali Ahmad
CEO & Founder

Sandy Williams

Sandy Williams, PhD
Biomedical Engineer & Strategic Advisor

Jon Belsher, MD
Jon Belsher, MD
Chief Medical Officer

Medical Advisors

Robert Jason Yong, MD, MBA

Robert Jason Yong, MD, MBA

Medical Director
Pain Management Center
Brigham and Women’s Hospital

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Adam B. Johnson, M.D., Ph.D.

Adam Johnson, MD, PhD

Pediatric Otolaryngology Fellow
Arkansas Children’s Hospital

Global Smile Foundation Logo
R. Justin Mistovich, MD, MBA

R. Justin Mistovich, MD, MBA

Associate Professor
Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgery
Case Western Reserve University

Attending Surgeon
Metro Health Medical Center
Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital

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Doctor with Patient

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MyHealthPal is listed with the FDA as a Class I medical device under Predictive Healthcare, an FDA registered establishment.
MyHealthPal is available for sale only in the US.

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