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Connected Surgical Site Infection Monitoring

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We connect clinicians to postoperative patients through MyHealthPal™: an AI-based postoperative surgical site infection monitoring technology that assesses wound health status, patient inputs, and patient vital signs to predict surgical site infection risk.

MyHealthPal monitors superficial surgical incisions remotely with standard smart devices such as smartphones. Patients take wound photos and enter key inputs that allow the algorithm to predict standard or elevated surgical site infection risk and inform physician decision making.


R. Justin Mistovich, MD, MBA
Associate Professor
Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgery
Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
Attending Surgeon
MetroHealth Medical Center
Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital

“While my program remains a thought leader in standardized, evidence-based protocols to minimize the risk of surgical site infections after spinal deformity surgery, even under optimal conditions, an infection may occur. In these cases, and especially in scenarios in which patients may have geographic or social barriers to access care promptly, MyHealthPal can provide another point of access and vigilant monitoring for patients, allowing us to promptly identify those who need close follow up or early interventions. Furthermore, many of our early postoperative appointments are simple wound checks or postoperative coordination. The potential of MyHealthPal to add convenience for both patients and physicians by allowing app based postoperative visits and monitoring truly matches the convenience that young families need and value.”

Surgical Site Infections (SSIs)

5 in 100 surgeries result in an SSI

230M surgeries a year worldwide

Focus on high-risk patients only

SSIs cost US hospitals $10B every year

MyHealthPal is a unique FDA-listed platform that provides postoperative surgical site infection risk alerts to assist clinician decision making.

For home use


Deviceless remote patient monitoring


Easy to use for patients and physicians


Fully integrated with current EMRs

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MyHealthPal is listed with the FDA as a Class I medical device under Predictive Healthcare, an FDA registered establishment.
MyHealthPal is available for sale only in the US.

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