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Connected Postoperative Wound Care Management

What We Do

We connect clinicians to postoperative patients through MyHealthPal™: an AI-based postoperative wound monitoring technology that assesses wound health status, patient medication adherence, and patient vital signs to predict wound healing outcomes.

MyHealthPal monitors superficial surgical incisions remotely with standard smart devices such as smartphones. Patients take wound photos and enter key inputs that allow the algorithm to predict standard or elevated risk wound healing outcomes and inform physician decision making.

Surgical Site Infections (SSIs)

5 in 100 surgeries result in an SSI

230M surgeries a year worldwide

Focus on high-risk patients only

SSIs cost US hospitals $10B every year

We are developing MyHealthPal, a unique application that provides postoperative wound healing analytics to assist clinician decision making.


For home use


Deviceless remote patient monitoring


Easy to use for patients and physicians


Fully integrated with current EMRs

Connected Care

MyHealthPal connects patients and clinicians through remote monitoring of postoperative wounds so that all and not just high-risk patients receive the care they need.

Multiple data inputs help deliver high accuracy predictive wound health outcomes anytime, anywhere.

High Risk


High risk due to medical history and co-morbidities.

Medium Risk


Not enough resources to focus on this group. Also called “Rising-Risk” as some patients develop infections.

Low Risk


75% of patients are considered low risk. Low risk does not mean no risk.

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Clinical Collaboration

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MyHealthPal has not been evaluated or approved by the US FDA and is not for sale.

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